Dementia and Stuttering

08 Apr

I used to be a decent public speaker
Acting, sermons, presentations, teaching
And I enjoyed it
Then came dementia
And the stutter it brought along
For a while it was so bad that I didn’t talk on the phone
After a while it decreased
“Gone,” I thought, “A passing problem.”
But it gradually returned
Now it comes and goes
Worse with people I don’t know
Or when there is too much stimulus around
Or when I’m anxious
Or when I’m tired, not feeling well
Not so bad with family and friends
When it’s just Anita and me, we can laugh about it
I’m grateful for that; it takes away some of the frustration
But there are other times when it’s very frustrating
Especially when along with stuttering, I can’t think of the words I want
So frustrating that I just want to cuss
And sometimes I do
But it doesn’t really help, except to express my frustration
I just hope people understand
I think, for the most part, they do
And I’m grateful for that
Still, if given the choice I’d choose not to stutter
Given the choice I’d choose not to have dementia
But I don’t have a choice
Such is life
It is what it is

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